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  • Divorce and the way the children should be handled Tips to help a child overcome their parents' divorce Divorce is a painful fact for the whole family, as it always implies a process of emotional...
  • Adult children and parental divorce Parents may divorce when their children are 5 and when they are 40 years old and they still feel the consequences even as adults. Here are some keys to help you...
  • Alimony: what is the sum usually established and when do you have to pay it? One of the major conflicts after the breakup of the couple is the maintenance. Who sets the amount, how do they review the...
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  • Alimony agreements when there are adult children involved Currently, the age of majority is reached at 18 and not at 21, but the alimony continues until the child has reached the age of 21. Here is...
  • Being gay married, having children and getting a divorce The man of whom we speak is a hairdresser. At your request, keep in reserve their name or call A. He has a life story that is...
  • Blended Families: complications with wills Learn the steps to follow so that your children are not left to the mercy of God after a divorce... How would you like your ex-spouse to inherit your house,...
  • Children in favor of the father due to economic reasons Children stayed with the mother before or the custody went to her, but now the father has the custody of the children. What influence does the...
  • Complaints of divorced people Do you recognize any of these phrases? What can I do to improve my relationship with the ex for the benefit of our children? Practicing family law over the years, family...
  • Different types of divorce There are different types of divorce. Sometimes, it is the best or the only option, but we can always choose between a peaceful or a destructive divorce. How would you end?...
  • Difficult relationships Everyone can touch us, but it is better to learn to avoid this Some women always live their lives next to complicated, unstable, depressive or “vague” men. Also, there are...
  • Divorce is not the War of the Roses Or it should not be. But often, the desire to harm the other exceeds the need to start a new life in peace, happiness ... For many years, teachers of Family Law,...
  • Divorced with children An unauthorized biography of a mother for her daughter Your mom may be like Moni, the program on TV: married with children. Things can be almost, almost, the same. She may be...
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  • Divorces and separations At the end of the year, many couples who go to court to handle their divorce and many decide not to get divorced after all. Formerly, getting divorced was frowned upon and...
  • Does getting divorced mean failing? Considering divorce a failure is a huge mistake that will only increase your suffering. Are you feeling well? Then, you should know that a divorce does not fail....
  • Extramarital affairs We sometimes find people in our path that can be attractive at first sight as far as their nature is concerned, their attitudes toward life or they can simply be a new stimulus...
  • Female infidelity and the paternal role The profession of family lawyer makes some people lose the naivety. Every day, they are amazed by the conflicts that they see, like novices in these matters......
  • Getting divorced step by step Ending a marriage involves enormous stress. Not only is it difficult to say goodbye, but you also have to see who gets the floor, the property and the children (if any)...
  • Getting separated is a difficult decision Why is it so difficult decision to say enough? That's what I try to bring in this note. We often see couples who do not succeed in maintaining the love that...
  • Grandparents, grandchildren and divorce What's the best way to help a grandchild who had to go through the divorce of their parents? The best way to know is to hear their own voices. This is also why...
  • Healing the crisis of the separation Psychovideoaccoustics is a branch of psychology, with a systemic and transpersonal approach created by the author of this paper. Here it is what it is all about....
  • How to end an unhealthy relationship Keys and advice to end a dangerous relationship We often meet someone, but eventually realize that we have only known a fraction of what they really are. Over...
  • How to forget your ex What you have to do to get your partner out of your life forever... and go ahead You cannot forget your ex... She has decided to terminate the relationship with you. Yes, that...
  • How to prepare financially for a divorce Definitely, your financial life can change after a divorce ... especially after an unplanned one There seems to be no turning back: your marriage is over and...
  • Infidelity and mate choice If infidelity is your worst nightmare, you had better find out its causes and how to overcome it... Infidelity in couples Infidelity exists in most people as the worst...
  • Overcoming a separation or divorce: Tips for men Overcoming the end of an important relationship when no one has been taught how to achieve calmness We've all gone through these situations....
  • How to protect your money in case of divorce The emotional difficulties everyone ahs to cross after any separation process cannot mask its financial aspects. Tips to avoid any future problems. Key...
  • Preparing for the separation There is no surprise when it comes to separation, don’t you think? You may have a friend who tells you that they are preparing to become separated and the truth is you...
  • How to recover from a divorce Divorce is not the end, but it is important to know how to recover from a divorce. When we overcome the divorce, it marks the end of a life and the beginning of a new...
  • Romantic dating after a divorce The papers are signed and it seems that a woman is waiting for you on the other side of the door, offering you a lot of fun, but something is holding you back... There...
  • Separations Agency There in such an agency in Germany and it is a success. Its creator is responsible for ending a couple when one member does not dare to do it... Everything seemed invented,...
  • Some tips to overcome the divorce Overcoming the divorce is difficult. Sometimes, we wonder how to survive this painful stage. Learn some tips that can help you to recover after a divorce and start a...
  • Text messages, causes of divorce According to a recent survey, more divorces are due to indiscreet text messages... The e-mails and social networks are also some of the most emerging discords within...
  • The Anti-Divorce Vaccine A good marriage should be like good music: passionate, harmonious, lasting in time. It turns out that almost 60% of the marriages today end in divorce... Do you remember the...
  • The causes of divorce It is important to know the grounds for divorce, to understand what happened and avoid repeating the same mistakes or to make a better choice in your next relationship. You know...
  • The consequences of divorce The consequences of divorce are extremely painful and affect all areas of the life of the person who is divorcing: the personal area, the familial one, the economic one,...
  • The custody of children The law says that after a separation or divorce, guardianship and custody can be awarded to either parent. It is the judge that makes the final decision by analyzing several...
  • The fault with a divorce How to handle guilt and how to avoid the physical and emotional suffering Who is to blame? What is the role of guilt in your life? "To err is human, but to blame another is...
  • The male view of divorce According to recent surveys, are there persons who feel discriminated in a divorce? In certain conditions, the divorce is the best option for both partners.When the decision...
  • The relationship with your ex-partner Learn to negotiate with your ex-partner. If you have children, it is almost impossible to avoid some relationship with your ex-partner. Handle the benefits of...
  • The right of grandparents to maintain contact with their grandchildren It is not only the parent who does not live with their children that has the right to maintain a fluid contact with them, but...
  • Visitation of the children After separation or divorce, the spouse who has not been granted the guardianship and custody of the children by court order has the right to physically visit their...
  • What is the fault divorce? Unless it is the only way possible, you had better think of a consensual divorce, not a "disputed" one... The divorce litigation or adversarial divorce is the "disputed"...
  • What to do with the house after separation What can a couple do with a house when separated? If the separation is by mutual agreement, they both have to decide. If the break is through litigation, it...
  • When does the divorce trial end? It is important to know that whatever the cause or type of procedure filed, the divorce does not end with the sentencing. People often come to consultation because of...

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◦  Divorce and the way the children should be handled
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◦  Children and Divorce
◦  Complaints of Divorced People
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◦  Difficult Relationships
◦  Divorce is Not The War of Roses
◦  Divorced with Children
◦  A Man Can Adopt
◦  Divorces and Separations
◦  Does Getting Divorced Mean Failing
◦  Extramarital Affairs
◦  Female infidelity and The Paternal Role
◦  Getting divorced step by step
◦  Getting separated is a difficult decision
◦  Grandparents, grandchildren and divorce
◦  Healing the crisis of the separation
◦  How to end an unhealthy relationship
◦  How to forget your ex
◦  How to prepare financially for a divorce
◦  Infidelity and mate choice
◦  Overcoming a separation or divorce Tips for men
◦  How to protect your money in case of divorce
◦  Preparing for the separation
◦  How to recover from a divorce
◦  Romantic dating after a divorce
◦  Separations Agency
◦  Some tips to overcome the divorce
◦  Text messages, causes of divorce
◦  The Anti Divorce Vaccine
◦  The causes of divorce
◦  The consequences of divorce
◦  The custody of children
◦  The fault with a divorce
◦  The male view of divorce
◦  The relationship with your ex partner
◦  The right of grandparents to maintain contact with their grandchildren(244)
◦  Visitation of the children
◦  What is the fault divorce
◦  What to do with the house after separation
◦  When does the divorce trial end