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Divorce Mediation – Divorce Mediation Can Help Your Divorce Go Much More Smoothly

Image of Divorce Mediation.We all know that the number of marriages that end in divorce are on the increase, every time we turn around it seems like someone else we know is going through a divorce. A divorce can drag on for months as long as neither party is willing to sit down and amicably work out the details of the divorce.

Unfortunately in a divorce like this the only winners are the attorneys who profit from the exorbitant fees they charge for a divorce. Mediation can help not only to reduce the cost of a divorce but can get both parties to sit down and work out their differences before going to court.

Divorce mediation requires a trained and often certified mediator who understands how divorce law works and offers his services to both parties to help them come to a mutually satisfying settlement.

Unlike attorneys who by law cannot represent both parties a mediator specifically works with both parties at the same time to help calm them down and begin to work out their differences, the object is not to save the marriage, but to stop the arguing so that they can come to an agreement on how the marital assets will be divided.

One of the biggest causes of divorce these days is domestic violence and mediation must take this into account when both parties sit down at the table. Often tempers are high with the one who has been abused looking for legal ways to get revenge. Unfortunately the courts do not believe in revenge so a mediator needs to be able to calm both parties down so that tempers do not cause poor decisions to be made.

While many mediators are under the assumption that the courts are going to handle the domestic violence issues but now they are being trained to help the abused person come to terms with the person who abused them in order to facilitate the divorce and reduce the divorce costs.

Expensive Lawyers is not the Best Divorce Option

With the huge backlog of divorces the courts are facing many of them are now recommending the use of collaborative law or mediation as a way to solve their differences instead of reverting to using expensive lawyers and having to wait countless months to finally get into court and have their divorce finalized.

The collaborative approach brings both parties in a divorce into several meetings where they can sit down with a mediator who will help guide them through the divorce settlement process so that when they do go to court everything is settled and the proceedings flow smoothly.

While mediation is not for every divorce more and more couples are turning to divorce mediation services to help them with handling the ins and outs of the various aspects of their divorce. You do not have to be in a contested divorce to make use of a mediator, sometimes just being able to talk to someone who understands the laws as well as the intricacies of how assets should be split to be fair and equitable to both parties.

If you are considering a divorce or are in the process of getting divorced you might want to consider making use of mediation services to help make your divorce go smoothly.

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