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When does the divorce trial end?

It is important to know that whatever the cause or type of procedure filed, the divorce does not end with the sentencing. People often come to consultation because of a family dispute and tell the consultant that that they have been going through a divorce for years and that they dealt with another lawyer they have lost contact with. When the consultant asks for the documentation of the divorce, many say they do not have it, but that they know what it is all about.

It is important to know the cause or type of procedure which has been filed when it comes to a divorce (consensual, adversarial, separation of fact more for than 3 years) and that the divorce does not end with the sentence.

It is necessary that you go to a civil registry office within the jurisdiction where you married, in order to make the marginal decision registration. This means that the marriage is noted and that the divorce decree was issued on that date, in that court.

Then, you must obtain a new marriage certificate, which will come with the marginal note and will be required upon remarriage or upon renewal of identity documents with the new marital status: Divorced.

Subsequently, you must request a testimonial of the divorce decree, which will be recorded with the divorced person attesting to their status and used for example to purchase a property, car or any other operation, so that what you buy is considered a personal good.

Finally, if the divorce agreement was presented the award of assets on liquidation of the conjugal partnership, it is necessary to register that award in the respective records of the property (Property and Automotive). All this is done using the file, without the intervention of clerks, but with that of the lawyer and managers.

Once the property is enrolled in their name as their own exclusive good, the lawyer must give the testimony with the registration of a property or title to the car and the green card in your name. This documentation is very important and it is absolutely necessary if you want to sell or credit for anything as owner.

Finally, you should request a breakdown of the documentation accompanying the divorce proceedings, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, original title, etc. You might say that the divorce is totally finished once these formalities are completed, but it is not with the simple dictates of the divorce decree.

Do you have all these in order? If not, you should rectify the situation to avoid problems when you least expect it, like when you have to buy or sell an asset. While the lawyer should have done all this at the time, there is no impediment for you to start the trial with another attorney if you have spent much time and have lost contact with the other one.

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