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Text Messages, Causes Of Divorce

According to a recent survey, more divorces are due to indiscreet text messages...

The e-mails and social networks are also some of the most emerging discords within the couple. “The conflict is generated when there is an abuse of such relationships.

People meet online, exchange conversations, send messages over the phone and many of these attitudes are not normal if you are involved in a relationship and it is difficult for the other to accept. Much more so if someone commits an infidelity”, says the Argentinean sociologist Cristina della Barca.

According to the survey, women and men equally succumb to the temptation of this type of communication. “Some check their partner’s’mail or their phones in order to find anything suspicious. The act is not justified and everyone has the right to maintain their privacy in the private forum, but we must remember that the basis of a relationship is honesty and talking about everything with your partner is basically one of the qualities that generate marital success”, continues the professional.

Currently, in France, sending an MSN with a message which contains evidence of infidelity is considered reason for a divorce. Also, that country's supreme court considers the emails with the same characteristics to be sufficient grounds for granting the divorce.

Please note:

  • Share your free time with your partner. This will prevent you from being distracted by the computer
  • Talking openly to your partner is ideal for a complete understanding.The secrets are eventually discovered and almost always represent backgrounds for divorce
  • Checking the other’s e-mail and reading the text messages on their phone are considered illegal because they are invading their personal privacy
  • Distrust is sometimes justified. You have to wonder if the couple quickly closes your email when you arrive, if they put a password in order for no one else to have access to their mail and if they lock themselves in a room every time the phone rings or when they get a message
  • Approximately twenty per cent of those who establish a relationship through the Internet are discovered. Three per cent end in stable relationships.

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