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Separations Agency

There in such an agency in Germany and it is a success. Its creator is responsible for ending a couple when one member does not dare to do it...

Everything seemed invented, especially in the field of relationships. However, a German, Bern Dressler, demonstrates that there are still needs that seem to be covered.

This man has found a field which has not been explored so far and that has to do with the breaks of a couple (either dating or marriage).

When the members do not dare to face the situation, he is responsible for the circumstances and, for a few more euros, he also goes to the house they had in common and collects all his client’s belongings.

The price of this service varies between 20 euros and 50 euros. The price increases depending on the customer’s requirements. “We must clarify that this seems like a bad joke. I cannot understand how someone who had a relationship with a person is capable of sending an unknown subject mail to say that it's over. It is outrageous and humiliating at the same time and I do not understand how you can be so successful with something like this”, says the Spanish psychologist Mercedes Paz Duenas.

More than two hundred people wrote this kind of messages during the past year. His idea has already been bought by others in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria and Great Britain. On several occasions, Dressler told the media: “My agency is like a dating agency. It has the same market, but in reverse. Just as people go to the agencies to find a partner, I help those that are unhappy to separate”.

Dressler only accepts the cases with which he can find three good reasons to terminate a relationship and he has two rules that govern his activity: there should be no violence and he does not accept clients paid to participate in the possible composition of the couple.

“This is an odd way of living. I do not see people as a professional or as a man. It seems absurd and I worry that there are people who hire the services of an agency to step up and end the relationship in a logical manner. This behavior only exposes how badly we're all individuals and how little we care about the others”, says sociologist Mario Delcanto from Argentina.

Tips to end a relationship without hurting

  • It is always better to end a relationship in good terms. Communication is important in all phases of the relationship, but if you want to end it, you must devote more attention and care to this aspect.
  • Face the most painful moment for it is inevitable if you want to go ahead and leave the other. Do so naturally as it is so frustrating not to remember how they ended their last relationship.
  • Many people decide to disappear or their reasons do not weigh enough when they want to terminate their relationship with their partner. This is not a desirable attitude.
  • Although it is a negative moment, it is appropriate to end a relationship by meeting with the other face to face. Many people send a message by e-mail or phone and decide to announce the break, but this is not a good way to carry out with the decision.

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