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Preparing For The Separation

There is no surprise when it comes to separation, don’t you think?

You may have a friend who tells you that they are preparing to become separated and the truth is you cannot stop thinking about how they sometimes keep on denying and how they cannot accept the fact that a family may go on even if the two partners are separated.

Something like this may be surprising if there is no separation. Everyone who has gone through a break (and everyone has gone through at least one) knows that there are early warning signs that are more or less obvious and that warn us about the fact that the ship is falling apart. And what do we do?

Instead of putting on the jacket and preparing to jump, we begin to draw water with a mug and we usually get very stupid, too, feeling like drowning because of that water. How much pain would you avoid if you just sat down and talked to each other about the best way to end the relationship instead of hiding the fact that you are better off separated?

You will eventually feel happy if you decide to give a fitting end to a relationship. If you strip away the family or the social mandates, it will lead you to confrontation and you will become open for negotiation.

There are different things people may find helpful when it comes to resigning, things leading them to forgiveness and reconciliation with family and friends and that make them see the desirability of their legal affairs being in order and so on. Today, however, medicine has emerged in God and people have learned to accept their death, the delays only being unworthy and inhuman.

And the latter is what happens to us when it comes to separation. Instead of resigning, we should accept that a cycle is complete, forgive and resolve our legal issues with confidence. We can become entangled in a long agony in two, in a petty war that is meant to establish who gets more and we do not realize that we are very slowyly approaching what we fear: the end.

When possible, the couple must try to save the relationship. But when there is no turning back (and when one of the two is left in any way, there's no reverse), the two must take care for the sake of their own mental health.

And when the time of the last goodbye comes, do things th way you used to do them before: a bit of tears and prayers, a few anecdotes from the happy times, a gin here, a coffee there, plenty of food and drinks for the relatives coming from far away and the late sleep of the righteous, while life goes on all around.

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