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Overcoming A Separation Or Divorce: Tips For Men

Overcoming the end of an important relationship when no one has been taught how to achieve calmness

We've all gone through these situations. Sometimes, the separations are among people that, to be honest, have no feelings of love for the each other. There are relationships that end by mutual agreement and there are others which, when completed, make us feel that our guts are being torn down our throat. There are those breaks that make us mourn every day and leave us mired in depression for months ... How are we supposed to recover from such a situation?

In fact, there is no answer to this question. However, there are ways to cope with the situation better. Before you begin, it is clear that mourning is not bad and even less when something happens that breaks the heart. However, we should try not to be paralyzed by pain.

1. Facing separation

Some people are bent on denying things and bury their heads in the sand. They choose to get drunk, to lie in bed forever, to implement a self-destructive behavior and so on. We all react in some way when we are faced with a break, but the thing is that if we do not address the current event, it is possible to repeat our mistakes.

Allow yourself to mourn and suffer without remorse. And then, just then, analyze the cause of the break so that you can learn and progress from there. Again: if you deal with the causes, you will make those mistakes again. Cry, analyze and move toward a better life.

2. Establish routines

This is something that serves many individuals experiencing hardships due to painful separations. Develop routines to give your life a structure and direction. It may sound overly simplistic, but knowing that you have to watch a TV program every Wednesday night or talking to a friend at 6:00 will help you through the day.

The routines will be vital to support the first weeks following an agonizing breakup.

3. Exercise

Exercise for your mental health even when you have to lose weight. Take yoga or different classes, try something you've always wanted to practice such as salsa or just hop on a stationary bike, a climber or a treadmill. Oxygen clears your mind and accelerates the speed of your engine, allowing you to face another day the best way possible. Exercise even when you are in the best mood to do so.

Here is a tip to encourage yourself when you have no desire to exercise: put your sports clothes on and try to exercise for five minutes. If you still feel lethargic, then stop for the day. However, it is more likely that you feel like exercising gradually, this being something similar to what happens with sex. Exercise can greatly help with your self-esteem and, consequently, many other aspects of your life. Just do it!

4. Friends

We often put our friends in a kind of freezer when we start dating. Right or wrong, it happens frequently. Use this time to reconnect with friends and re-build that support system. Go out with them every week and make sure to continue this routine even when you meet a new person.

Here is an example of how you can maintain the relationship with your friends: meet up every Thursday to eat at someone's house and then watch a movie on DVD. It's very simple, but it serves to have something to do during the week, something like a program or a ritual.

5. Projects / Hobbies

You probably hear this all the time, but this is the right time to implement a project and look for a hobby!

Write a list of all the books you want to read and go to the library. Join the book club or, if you like writing, a literary workshop. Look for activities you can do in the neighborhood, such as yoga and so on or try to do volunteer work at the homeless shelter. There will surely be hundreds of things for you to do here.

This is lending a hand to your spirit. Do something that you feel proud of and that has little to do with your normal activities. Of course, there are hundreds of ways to cope with a breakup. Maybe you know some better ways.

What is it that has helped you overcome a break? Are you going to choose the rituals? Do you rely on some friends during the hardest times? Share your tactics to overcome a separation and then leave your comment. If you are undergoing a process of breaking up, you know you're not alone.

Sometimes, what you get may be sufficient. And most of all, listen to yourself and treat yourself the best way you can.

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