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How to Survive Infidelity

Keys to confront the infidelity in the most positive way possible...

This is one of the most critical situations and it causes a lot of pain. However, after the impact caused by the news, you can combat the negative feelings that radiate disappointment and frustration.

There are many ways to cheat on your pair, however, women should be aware that “after the first feeling of anger, resentment, hatred, revenge and even hysteria, they must understand that these statements must be transient. They are only normal when they are dominated by reason and they do not keep telling themselves that they need to further perpetuate the relationship that may remain between them. The woman cheated on has very low self-esteem, there is guilt and self-pity in most of the cases, but these feelings are perfectly acceptable at the beginning, but they should be disappearing with the passage of time so that they can have a more positive view”, advises the Spanish psychologist Berta Sanz Delbar.

Tips for dealing with infidelity

  • Your self-esteem is the key to succeeding after an infidelity. You have to work on it and you cannot be alone. It is best to rely on your relatives, on the ones you care for, on therapy or specialized groups that provide help in such situations.
  • Dismiss the feelings of guilt. Women have a tendency to want to find a logical explanation for the deceit of others. The infidelity is beyond the problems that may arise in a couple and it is decided by other details.
  • Perform activities that raise your self-esteem and keep the mind and body busy.
  • Grief is needed to accept reality and make a change. A person who has been deceiving does not suffer for that for a lifetime, but the infidel has been the love of their life so far.
  • Set a goal. Having new goals is the first thing to consider when the grief has passed. Start a feasible and fruitful life although it seems impossible at first.
  • Once the situation has been or is being overcome, you must be strong enough to support the decision because in many cases the man may want to rebuild the relationship.

Keep in mind that many cheating men find it hard to separate love from sex. They do not want to end with their partner, but they maintain a passionate relationship and often consider moving on to someone else.

There are situations very different from each other, but what a woman should be clear about is that no man should be allowed to play with her feelings.

Each one will decide whether to forgive the other or not, but once the break occurs, the man returns to apologize on several occasions. The woman's self-esteem is very important in these cases.

This is the test you need to do in order to see if you understand what happened to you, if you want to feel that feeling of distrust towards the man next to you. You have to be very strong to maintain a decision once it has been taken, whatever that decision is”, the professional suggests.

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