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How To Forget Your Ex

What you have to do to get your partner out of your life forever... and go ahead

You cannot forget your ex...

She has decided to terminate the relationship with you. Yes, that heartless woman has rejected you just like a used tissue.

Now your future seems adrift in a raft on the verge of capsizing. You are desperate and willing to get on your knees so that she returns. You would do anything ... Nevertheless, and however hard you try, it is almost impossible for you to rebuild that sunny microclimate. Your comfort and safety are now gone and so is she. Even when she returns, it is highly possible that everything is for the worse.

Then there is only one thing left to do: forget about her. Sure, it's not as easy as it sounds, but with this guide, you will be able to forget this woman and put the pieces of your broken heart together sooner than you think.

Tips to forget your ex

Get her off that pedestal

Do not idolize her or turn her into something great. She is not anything like that. Therefore, you should not kneel in front of her photos in a reverential way. Do not despair if she does not answer your e-mails or phone calls and definitely do not criticize her for it. Remember that there is no reason for her to deserve a preferential treatment.

Chapter closed

It is essential to finally ground with any hope of reconciliation between the two of you and if you cannot get that in your head, then it is you who must do the clarifying. She should say: “I have never loved you and I do not love you now. We will never get back together”. After insisting a few times, she may tell you some things just to get rid of you. Now, you can begin to heal.

No contact

After the relationship has ended, you must stop all contact or you will go crazy. Do not beg or cry. Do not call her in the middle of a binge. Do not write an e-mail. Do not send packages or gifts. Do not play her a song on her favorite radio program. Have you understood clearly? She knows how to find you if she really wants to. And even if she manages to find the way back to your arms, it will only be a temporary reprieve. She knows you want her back and this seems not to bother her. Deal with it as a clear sign of what she feels.

Write your negative feelings

Write a letter expressing your negative feelings and your sadness and then close that chapter. Then, read the letter and throw it away or burn it. In any case, do not send the letter. You will only regret it later. She will show it to her friends and even to her new boyfriend and they will share a good session of laughter.

Avoid her friends and the places she frequents

Do not venture into their territory. You will definitely not be welcome. Find new places in which to develop your social life and make new friends, if necessary. If any of your friends insist on maintaining contact with her (or her group of friends), you should stay away from her, at least temporarily.

You will return to your normal life after some time and this means that you will return to populate those places and reconnecting with those mutual friends of yours.

Get rid of everything that reminds you of her

There is no need to burn everything, but you should definitely get rid of your photos, gifts, letters, e-mails or at least remove them from your sight. In short: if you get rid of half your wardrobe with the purpose of removing it from your memory, then so be it. As a general rule, you should remove anything that reminds you of your ex. This will be essential to safeguard your mental health.

Do not try to recover your stuff

Unless it is a diamond ring or a single piece, it is best not to contact your ex to get the DVDs, clothes, your toothpaste or a pair of socks back. Just let them go. After all, they are nothing more than possessions. Nothing can justify exposing the pain generated by her presence only to claim a pair of underwear. Do not exchange your dignity for minor belongings.

Get out partying with your friends

Let your friends give you a lesson about what your ex really was like and let them show you that there are a lot of opportunities for you out there. A little male camaraderie can really open your eyes when it comes to stuff like this. We have all been shattered by a woman once and, quite possibly, we will all be shattered again.

Exercise your newfound freedom

Freedom is always intoxicating. There is a world of activities you can do and which you have never before enjoyed because of the simple fact that your other half did not approve of them. So now is the time to yield to your desires. Take that walk, play these games you could not install on the computer and that you love.

Watch TV all weekend long. Do what you want to do. Why not start boxing? Ideally, you want to find an activity that allows you to release your anger and alleviate the stress.

Remember the bad times

If you feel nostalgic, then think of all the times she acted like rubbish with you. That should be more than enough. You remember the time she made you wait in the dressing room as she endlessly tried to choose her clothes? Or do you remember the times she said “no” to her drunk friends? After all, who wants her back?

Sleep with another woman

Nothing will remind you that you are a man more than having a new woman in your bed. Then, find comfort in the arms of another. You can call it spite if you want. Many men with broken hearts follow this recommendation and for a very good reason: it makes them feel better, even if only temporarily.

What should you do then? Go out there, meet women and feel better about yourself.

Seduce someone for her to be jealous

You remember the waitress or the stylist who she had forbidden you to look at? Well, this is your chance to make a move to reward yourself with something more than sexual pleasure. Just think: if your ex found out you've been diving in familiar waters, the levels of hysteria would reach unimaginable levels and, of course, this can be very rewarding.

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