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Grandparents, Grandchildren And Divorce

What's the best way to help a grandchild who had to go through the divorce of their parents? The best way to know is to hear their own voices. This is also why we have relied to make the next note.

Perhaps you have wondered, on more than one occasion, how to help your grandchildren in case of divorce, but who knows what they might feel about it better than a kid who went through these traumatic situations, that is experiencing the trauma and the best help that their grandparents could give him?

For this, we decided to approach the children themselves, to have a better idea of their feelings and ideas, which could be of great use to know how to act in their own case.

Children talking

As stated by a large number of children consulted, although they consciously know that their parents and grandparents always love these phrases, they cannot completely alleviate their sorrow and doubts by themselves. Therefore, on more than one occasion, they claimed that they would also like to help them to know how to continue interacting with two parents who love each other, but who do not love each other anymore.

They all agreed that there is no one better than their grandparents for this, those who experienced (or went through it so long ago) this complicated situation, and can objectively help them manage these issues of relationship.

Another large number of children of separated parents have indicated that it is very important to be able to talk to your grandparents about your feelings, especially about what will happen in the future.

In fact, many said that the incentive that their grandparents gave them to address these problems was essential to overcome the negative feelings caused by their parents’ divorce.

In almost all cases, there was agreement in saying that, after their parents’ divorce, they only thought their grandparents were no good because their parents did not want to hear from each other and did not want to get back home under any circumstances.

Another significant group of boys said that it was very important that the grandparents treat the mother and the father in the same way. In this sense, one of the things that almost everyone agrees on is that children are angered by the criticism brought by the grandparents to their son, but they are even more angered by their critics to the their son’s former partner, i.e. the other parent and actually prefer they kept these criticisms for themselves.

Therefore, it is true that many grandparents can be betrayed by their feelings on more than one occasion and lose objectivity defending his son or wrongly accuse their former partner although we all know that in most of the situations, this could be very hard for the grandchildren to deal with.

Something that grandparents can help their grandchildren with is to be their confidants about the new relationships that their divorced parents get involved in.

Kids often do not dare to tell their parents (who have also gone through a tough period after divorce) that their new partners are not to their liking. Parents, meanwhile, could be so hooked with this new person that they may ignore their children’s desires or views.

So the only way for children to express their feelings would be to go to their grandparents, who may contain communicate the boy’s feelings to their parents, namely their children.

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