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Divorces And Separations

At the end of the year, many couples who go to court to handle their divorce and many decide not to get divorced after all. Formerly, getting divorced was frowned upon and people associated it with no values.

Moreover, mothers taught their daughters the spirit of sacrifice when it came to their husbands and children and taught them that they had to endure anything, because the marriage was more important than anything else.

However, this dynamic has changed and so have the motives, the consequences and resolutions of the separations.

People get separated regardless of their social or economic class, divorce being something that is socially accepted and that affects all social strata.

The reasons why a couple gets separated can be varied, but there are a number of components that can help you be less afraid of this situation and that can determine you to make this decision.

The economic factor

Economic independence and greater autonomy are two such components, allowing women to live independently from a financial point of view and not depend on their husband’s income.

There are more critical situations in which women cannot leave their husband and their home and they cannot return to their parents, so they never leave, this making them very unhappy. There is also a large majority, despite economic difficulties, who decide to get separated. This is due to a greater appreciation of women: the opening to the world of work and business has generated a self-acceptance which was difficult to achieve in the past.

The search for satisfaction

Self-worth, self-confidence and cultural development and labor allow women to embark upon a new life alone guided by a strong and decisive spirit. The fear still exists, but it cannot overcome the need for autonomy and the search for personal satisfaction.

Today's society is dictating the standards required when it comes to success and there are many examples of famous people or of people who achieve a social status and who start their life fresh.

The behavior patterns or trends dictate the times and now, they encourage couples to break if things do not go very well. Sacrifice and dedication are old-fashioned. Each must find their own satisfaction, whether they find it together or separately.

You do not have to struggle so much in a relationship

Many people do not meet their spouse’s needs and they feel empty and poorly rewarded, which discourages them and deteriorates the relationship.

It is also clear that they fight less for their relationships. In they want to be well-seen and if they want to enjoy their social status, they do not have to put up with any kind of discomfort.

Although this is not exactly true for many couples who fight for their relationship, there are many others that break in the first months of a relationship, when they have not yet had time to see if they could improve their relationship or change anything. Miracles cannot be performed in short time in this case.
The disappearance of the traditional roles

There are still many couples that are based on the traditional criteria of what a good partner should be like. The husband and wife work outside the home, and when she decides to join the workforce or to feel useful by working or earn their own space, the problems begin.

Yet, some husbands today do not accept their partner's professional success and intend to remain dominant, but, fortunately, this trend is disappearing.

Before, it was the man who needed to be a successful and to be valuable relationship because he was the one who supported the family and that was all right in the eyes of society. Now, that value has to be worked out, as their partner also has it and it is even higher sometimes, so that there are comparisons that can damage the relationship.

Women, more autonomous and demanding

Now, things are very clear when it comes to the rights and duties of each partner, but there are discrepancies none of the two wants to approve of. Socially, women have won a place men have got used to and many still have trouble because of this.

Of course, women also have some responsibility with respect to separation. It is clear that a life outside the family and home can lead to all kinds of problems.

Positions of authority or work outside the home make women more independent and more demanding of their own right. When the man she shares her life with is not prepared or the two have not negotiated the rights and duties of each, there is a war coming up.

If you want your relationship to work ...

Knowing what is expected of the other
I recommend that each partner fights to achieve their interests and their needs, but that they also reveal other important aspects of the relationship. Do not forget that a couple involves two people. If one of the members represents their interests to the hilt, they will abandon the other and there will be a lot of discussions. If we are clear about our expectations and those of the others, we find it easier to take our relationship to fruition. But if any of this fails, our expectations or those of our partners will remain unfulfilled.

Talk to your partner
Dedicate some time at the end of every day to talk to your partner, to listen to their needs and concerns, be accomplices and show interest in their problems, because, although you cannot participate and help them solve them, they will appreciate your listening to their opinion and receiving your support.

You should not avoid responsibility and face criticism with a resolute attitude. Negotiate all the pros and cons to reach unanimous decisions. Reproaches are not for free because your partner will find some comments for you later on, too.

Do not store anything
Work on your relationship every day and do not let it cool down. Do not throw the towel on the first occasion and tell your partner everything that goes through your head, as there is nothing worse than keeping your emotions and feelings to yourself.

If something bothers you, fix it, because if you're going to save your relationship, you will have a lot more to win and you will be gaining weight when the time comes and you cannot see anything good about your relationship. Then, initiate a negative analysis of your situation and gradually destroy the relationship. If you communicate to your partner about every problem you have, you can solve things, but if you do not do this, your relationship is bound to fail.

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