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Difficult Relationships

Everyone can touch us, but it is better to learn to avoid this. Some women always live their lives next to complicated, unstable, depressive or “vague” men.

Also, there are married men and single women. These women know that their partner has another family, but "live with the hope that one day he will leave his wife and devote himself exclusively to them”.

But what leads to constantly repeating that mistake? Why be attracted by this sort of man? Is it because they feel their mission is to cure these people and to change them?

Many of them feel it is wrong to choose a complicated man again to form a couple with, but they still do it.

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What is it that leads to that?

A complicated man is one who has a personal or personality trait that becomes a sticking point in the relationship. It can be his mood, his job, his family, his old relationships and thousands of other motives.

The problem starts when a woman feels she cannot be alone and that she needs someone’s company at any price. So they easily snag with the first man that crosses their way, without knowing how that person really is and the worst thing is starting a new relationship and soon realizing that things are just the same as before.

In the end, the fault does not belong to the man who has this complication, but to the woman, who should not get involved with someone with those characteristics.

Some women want to help these men reveal all the qualities they would like to have, when in fact it often happens that these men simply do not have these qualities. What is sought, then, is to convert the other into something that they are definitely not.

These women are called altruistic: they think they will be happy because the man they stay with says he is what he is because of them. There is this fantasy of being their saviors. If they consider that he is good, they too will be fine.

What to do?

The important thing is to recognize your partner as they really are. Determine what your partner really is like and think that it is almost impossible to change them, especially if they do not want to change. And if you do not like living with someone so is so complicated, it is best to leave.

You need to understand that a couple is formed of two people who love each other, who give and receive at the same time and who give their best without any speculation.

One wonders if this is the ideal man in fact and does everything for him, so that he then wants to spend a lifetime with them. The main thing is not to rush, to learn from your experience and from that question about what was done and what will be done.

Is there any kind of excuse and is it true that all men are the same? That is not true: not all men are the same.

All the men a certain woman gets involved with may be the same, which is something very different. In the first case, she is the only one to blame and we cannot do more than sympathize with her, while in the second case, we make our choices, consciously or unconsciously, so it is up to us to make all men be the same, but in the good way. Remember that a man can only trick a woman into entering a relationship, but he cannot trick her into carrying on with it.

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