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Complaints Of Divorced People

Do you recognize any of these phrases? What can I do to improve my relationship with the ex for the benefit of our children?

Practicing family law over the years, family lawyers listen to endless complaints made by of divorced men and women. We shall try to summarize them as follows:

Complaints made by the man

- My ex is a witch; she is just like her mother. We would still be together if it hadn’t been for her mother’s bad influence.
- Money is the only thing that matters.
- She is dedicated to art, but I am the only one who works and brings money home.
- I make deals with the boys. They do not need to wash their hands, change their clothes and they do not have to take any remedies.
- She tries to thwart any project that I initiate with them.
- She does not want to have the kids with her on weekends because she wants to make a living.
- She should not push me when it comes to money because I take custody of the boys.
- My children are poorly served when they are with her.
- My children are raised by the maid, not by her.
- I should find a way to make her stop chasing me.
- Everything is worse now as she has involved in a new relationship. I do not like that guy being in my children’s house.
- I'm sick of dancing to the music she plays.

Complaints of the women

- I juggle with the money to make ends meet.
- My children live two lives: a rich one at their father’s place and one of deprivation at my house.
- My kids are bad because he is going to have a child with his new partner.
- If he wants more, he should pay more food than now.
- The boys do not want to meet him, so I'm not the one who forbids it.
- Fifteen days of vacation with their father? This is crazy! They are very small.
- I never said anything about his business. I never knew he had one.
- He changed the order: he increased the alimony I have to pay!
- Well, you know, Doctor, be careful because he is a psychopath!
- My kids are bad because he turns them against me.

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