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Being Gay Married, Having Children And Getting A Divorce

The man of whom we speak is a hairdresser. At your request, keep in reserve their name or call A. He has a life story that is super-interesting to publish in the article.

A male born in a village in the province of Buenos Aires was very small. He felt attracted to men ever since childhood, but it was impossible for him to live the way he wanted. At the age of 17, he moved to La Plata to study psychology and there began his sexual activity with a woman! Moreover, he became her boyfriend for 2 years, they got married and their marriage lasted for 5 years.

Was he only then bisexual? The woman always knew he was gay and so did he, but he married the woman because the mandate was from a deeply rooted family and he wanted to "form a family". A family did not only refer to a partner, but also to children.

When asked if his wife knew of his sexual orientation, he said he had never hid it and she was madly in love with him, just like he was madly in love with her. So, they married in order to be able to have a child. They had a very nice relationship, but he also went out with men sometimes. However, his wife knew, but she never said anything.

When it came to the baby being born, they both wanted it desperately. However, they split later because he was very macho. She sent him home and she finally lost confidence in him. He once took a trip to Europe "with a friend” for a month and she knew.

And this month, she discovered how many things could be done "without her, without control, without jealousy". And when he suggested that, she wanted to divorce him. At the time, he came back wanting to get into the gay world and accepted the divorce.

The divorce was by mutual agreement and the sentence was in favor of the mother. The visitation schedule was devastating for him because he was the father. The baby spent the first summer vacation with him in Mar del Plata and then went to him and his gay partner, with whom he cohabited in Cuba.

The mother does not put obstacles when it comes to the three hanging around together and the baby always has a great time. The father’s partner is known to the baby as a friend of his dad’s. Of course the baby does not call him “uncle”, as they do not like these things. The child also told his other classmates about the situation and he has invited them to his place and everything.

The man always knew he was gay, but he wanted to raise a family and now he has: a son, a partner and so on. The woman returned to live with someone and she now has another child.

The question has always been why the woman married the man if she knew he was gay. Some say it was because she had been abused in childhood, but of course these are just rumors. Some women do that and you can see it in therapy. However, the two had a normal sexual life, although he was gay. Apparently, he was bisexual after all.

Now, he found the love of his life with this man. He was also married, he was older than him, but he had no children, so he loved his new baby.

When getting a divorce by mutual agreement, this issue was not at all discussed at the hearings. It was an ordinary divorce with tenancy agreement, visits, holidays, food. She does not see his sexual condition as a problem for their son, so that neither spoke of it in court.

Their divorce was more peaceful than what you can see with many heterosexuals and although it was not easy at first, they now have excellent communication and the baby is barbaric and he agrees that he is a gay father as long as he can be with her, sleeping at home a lot, travelling, staying with each other and helping her with homework.

He loves being a father. Now, he can live his life as a gay guy and he does not need to hide anything. His old man died when he was a teenager and he never found out. The bank costs his mother very much (and then he changed his tone of voice and looked sadder).

This man is not a single child, as he has a brother, who is his antithesis. He was the one who did everything perfectly, but he can assure everyone that he is happy with this situation.

The readers thus get the story of these "new families" we keep encountering, which are less confrontational than many of the marriages we usually attend.

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