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Alimony Agreements When There Are Adult Children Involved

Currently, the age of majority is reached at 18 and not at 21, but the alimony continues until the child has reached the age of 21.

Here is an example: A woman has two adult daughters (over 18 and less than 21). She had an agreement that she and the father of the girls signed ten years ago, the agreement being of $ 3,000 a month. Currently, the money the father is giving goes directly to their daughters (and rightfully so, because the mother was the legal representative of the minors before, but now there are no children, but two adults). The young man - very responsibly - continues to deliver the money to their mother, as she is the one that runs the household economy.

The mother’s reason for the consultation was to seek an increase in the alimony set a decade ago because the amount has not increased despite the rising cost of living and the increasing age of the children. Here we have a problem: this lady has no personality to demand an increase in alimony and has no parental authority over their daughters.

The daughters have an excellent relationship with the father and have no desire to litigate against him.

What a dilemma, right?

If they want to preserve the link, they must accept the quota the father offered to pay 10 years ago and not update it anymore.

If you want to ask for a raise because they need it, because the father earns a lot of money and he can afford it, because they spend much more now going to school than they did 10 years ago when they were children, they lose the good relationship with their dad or at least damage it seriously.

Therefore, there is nothing to do.

Moreover, the woman is lucky to have two daughters who are responsible as they give the money to their mother and pay for their own studies, for the prepaid phone that they use, etc.

The question is what will happen to the children over 18 years old that are less mature, and who take the money they receive, they do not give it to the mother to help her with the dialy costs, but they spend it on bikes, audio equipment, weekend trips, designer clothes or whatever.

The suspicion is that, in such cases, the woman will be unprotected and will face all costs on her own. This is just beginning and that reform is recent.

Colleagues and readers: How are you handling this issue?

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