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A Man Can Adopt

Men also want to be lone parents?

There are single men who want to adopt a child. With so much debate in the Congress about gay marriages being allowed or not, about the possibility to adopt or not, the first thing you would think about is that they are homosexuals (prejudice).

But they are not. They may appear as single men, but they can actually be divorced with a young son (many people mistakenly say that when couples divorce, but it is not like that: they become divorced, but they can recover and get remarried, but they can never be single, except if they declared the nullity of marriage).

Here is the example of a man who also had a son. As his son was very young, his holdings were exercised by the child’s mother. He is heterosexual and has plans to remarry, but also fears the gact that he could re-divorce. Therefore, before forming a new partnership with a woman, he wanted to adopt a kid himself, so that if a new rupture occurs, nobody could question him holding the child. Also, he wanted to make sure that he could take the boy with him to any country as his profession often required that he did that.

You may be surprised by the motivation that led this man towards adoption.

Suddenly, the widowed men that give their children to their grandmother or mother may come to your mind, this usually happening because they do not feel capable of raising children without a woman on their side.

And now some men have changed so much that in addition to their children born in wedlock (a kind of "community property", said with all respect), they want to have a child who has been adopted by themselves (a sort of "homeowner": this child is not to be divided or shared after the divorce).

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